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     “With 100s of cash-sucking copywriters on the Net promising your next KILLER sales letter, how can you possibly separate the wheat from the chaff—without making a horrible mistake?”

It’s Easy…

Just see if they they’ve written for A-list clients like Agora, Boardroom, Forbes, InvestorPlace, KCI Communications, Lombardi, StreetAuthority, Rodale, or Weiss. See how many multimillion-piece direct mail packages and email controls they’ve written. See how much money their copy has generated.

If you find a copywriter whose words have generated more than $350 million… who has had numerous widely mailed controls for major mailers… and who has seen hundreds of split-run, head-to-head copywriting tests and can help you avoid million-dollar mistakes: Congratulations, you’ve found the right copywriter for your important project!

However, if you simply can’t find a soul who meets this simple test, you might want to give me a call.

Dear Enlightened Business Builder,

As you’ve undoubtedly discovered, the copywriting world is full of exaggerated claims and big egos who often deliver pitiful results.

Tragically, you’ve probably found that out too late in the game, like when...

  1. your first draft comes back and it looks like a test project from a copywriting course, or
  2. your copywriter has imitated so many John Caples and Gary Bencivenga packages that it’s clear the person doesn’t have an original idea in his or her brain, or  
  3. the promotion bombs so bad and your copywriter has no idea how to go back to the well and rework your promotion—if you can find the person.     

So I’m not surprised that you arrived here.

You finally realized that you simply can’t trust your marketing efforts to another “killer copy guy” if you’re serious about building your business.

Meet Doug D’Anna

Doug D’Anna is one of the country’s top copywriters in the financial, health, and personal improvement markets. Over the years, his copy has generated more than $350 million in subscription revenues for his clients.

"This year I’m proud to report I created a number of breakthrough email and direct mail promotions that generated another two million dollars in subscription revenues for my clients," comments D’Anna, including breakout successes for Cabot Dividend Investor and Cabot Options Trader."

You'll find the secret to D’Anna’s success in his 24th Annual Report that was recently mailed to current and prospective clients. The following text is taken from that report. If you would like a printed copy of this report, contact us.

You’d like to work with someone who has a proven track record for beating controls and for making his or her clients millions.

Frankly, you’re looking for the REAL DEAL.  Somebody like me.

Let Me Introduce Myself

I’m Doug D’Anna, and I’m a seasoned direct response copywriter with more than 24 years’ experience in the toughest and most competitive niche of all: selling investment newsletters, health newsletters, and success books.

For more than two decades I’ve battled it out in the Super Bowl of copywriting against top talent in the world, including Gary Bencivenga, Gene Schwartz, Jim Punkre, Clayton Makepeace—just to name a few. 

I’m proud not only to have written some of my industry’s most successful direct mail and email control packages but also to have beaten the control more than 70% of the time.

As a result, my copy has earned my clients more than $350 million while earning the respect of the top marketers and copywriters in the world.
I speak, for example, of …

  • Gary Bencivenga, who referred to me as one of his “ablest competitors over the years” and one of only six A-list copywriters he recommends…
  • Ken McCarthy, who called me the  “reigning top gun” in the direct response copywriting world
  • Bob Bly, who considers me “one of the world’s most successful—and highest-paid—freelance copywriters specializing in selling financial newsletter subscriptions” 
  • Walter Pearce, former president of KCI Communications, for whom I’ve generated millions, who says of me, “Nobody is better at getting your customers to buy!”
  • Chris Marett, former senior VP of InvestorPlace Media, who says, “Since Gary Bencivenga retired, Doug D’Anna has become our go-to guy.”  

And there are many other top A-level marketers I could mention who will swear by my copywriting skills, including Brian Kurtz of Boardroom, Adrian Newman of Lombardi Publishing, Lou Betancourt and Jack Lizmi of StreetAuthority, and top direct marketing consultant Vicki Moffit.

But I mention them not to boast, but only to prove to you that my copy actually produces results, directly from the people who know my work best—all A-level marketers in their own rights.

Of course, what’s important here isn’t what I’ve done in past.  It’s what I can do for you moving forward.

Consistent Results for 24 Years

In a world where a good copywriter can beat the control one out of four times and a great one can beat the control four out of eight times, I’ve been able to beat the control nearly 70% of the time.
That’s why my clients trust me with their most important products and gladly share their success with me. 
Here are a few examples of my consistency in writing winning controls:

  • InvestorPlace Media: They have mailed millions of my winning direct mail packages along with an equal number of e-mails for nine of their publications.
  • KCI Communications: Over the years, I've written nine direct mail packages, seven of which have become long-lasting controls, generating millions of dollars along the way.
  • Lombardi Publishing: Since 2003, I've launched eleven book titles, created three successful health newsletters, and written four of my own success books, generating millions of dollars.
  • Prevention Health Books: Confidentiality prevents me from revealing any specifics, but my direct mail packages for Healing with Vitamins, Men’s Health Guide to Peak Condition, and New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats rank among their most successful.
  • Forbes: During the tech craze, I created two widely mailed control packages for Gilder Technology Report and Forbes' Wireless Outlook. My email messages helped to successfully launch Forbes' Nanotech Report.  Two of my most recent email controls for Forbes/Lehman Income Securities and The Oberweiss Report are amongst their best ever.
  • Cabot Heritage Corp.: My direct mail and email packages for Cabot Market Letter has been the corporation’s control for over a decade. As a result, I've applied these successes to similar packages for Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Report, Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report, Cabot Small-Cap Confidential, Cabot Top Ten Trader, Cabot Stock of the Month, and Cabot Options Trader.
  • StreetAuthority:  My new online promotion for High Yield Investing just unseated their current control and my recently complete promotion for Scarcity & Real Wealth looks to be just as promising.
  • Weiss Research: My new online promotion for Uncommon Wisdom, "One Nation Under China," also unseated another longtime control and looks to have long legs.

There are many others I could mention, but the bottom line is that when you’re sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into a product launch or new direct mail package, it helps that you find someone who consistently hits home runs. 

Over the years, I’ve proven that I can do just that.

For these reasons, my clients are entering 2017 with even greater expectations as the marketing environment turns positive and my new control packages continue to increase sales by as much as 475%.

The Secret to My Success

Unlike most direct response copywriters, who may see a few hundred or so split-run copywriting tests in their lifetimes, I have been privy to the test results of thousands of split-run tests.

And not just tests on a small scale, but creative tests conducted for the top direct marketers in the country.

The $350 million in test results that I have seen over the years have made it possible for me to not only avoid obvious mistakes…

…but also to claim one of the highest win ratios in direct response—beating the control nearly 70% of the time

This year alone, for example, I have been privy to the test results of close to 600 split-run, head-to-head email and direct copywriting tests, which has allowed me to boost my batting average to one of the highest in the industry.

(I realize that 600 split-run tests may at first sound too high to be believable, but not once you consider the number controls that I have, how frequently they are tested via email, and the number of lists they go to.)

Frankly, no other direct response copywriter whom I know has seen as many split-run tests as I have. Nor does any spend as much time evaluating results and drawing on this knowledge to create new promotions.

This is why my four-point system continues to help me create more profitable and more powerful promotions than many of my competitors.

A few of my successes to date include these: Blue Chip Growth Letter, Profitable Investing, Trader’s Advantage, Cabot China & Emerging Market Report, Cabot Top 10 Report, and Global Growth Emerging Growth.

It is precisely for this reason that I continue to test and refine key principles of direct response copywriting…

…and why my promotions for my A-list clients not only continue to achieve record sales but also give me one of the best “win ratios” in the industry.

This scientific approach has become the vortex of my success—proving beyond doubt that words alone do not make the foundation of a winning promotion.

How My Time-Proven Approach
Yields Consistent Results

All four principles of my copywriting system have been scientifically developed to identify what customers want, the offers that most attract them, and the themes they find most appealing, in combination with what is going on in the market now.

So before I write one word, I spend a minimum of 40 hours of analysis and research using not only my four-point system as a guide…

…but also the knowledge accumulated over the past 20 years of witnessing thousands of split-run copywriting tests.

By simply eliminating what has been tested and proven not to work, I’ve been able to not only avoid the unwitting mistakes most marketers make…

…but also develop some of the biggest breakthroughs in the information publishing field, a niche I have specialized in for nearly 20 years.

My widely mailed and emailed control packages for InvestorPlace Media, Lombardi Publishing, Forbes, Prevention Health Books, Cabot Heritage Corporation, and KCI Communication are the best proof I can offer that my approach works.

A Partnership Approach for Today’s
Tough Marketing Environment

With competition coming at you from all corners, it’s more difficult than ever to create winning promotions. The days when you could rely on one direct mail or email promotion to carry your marketing for six weeks, let alone six months, are gone for good.

For the same reason, also long gone are the days that you could bring in a “hired gun” to create a new control package for you—only to update it a week ahead of the next rollout.

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If there is one thing I have learned from tracking thousands of copywriting and marketing tests over the past 20 years, it is that you need to be on top of a product and the market daily in order to (1.) Create a new control package, and (2.) Continually update it and refine it to keep it fresh from fatigue and keep the orders rolling in.

So if you’re looking for another "hired gun" (an expensive one, albeit) who comes in and writes a package and leaves, I’m not the guy for you.

You see, in order for you to benefit from my years of marketing experience, I need to involve myself nearly daily in email marketing, looking at test results and then continually hone that knowledge to develop even stronger promotions.

Under my partnership approach it becomes my job (and not yours) to make you money.

The only way for me to do this is to be on top of your product in REAL TIME and not just a week ahead of the next rollout.

Frankly, my time is too valuable to get to know a product over the course of a few months, only to go away and come back later. I'm a seasoned direct marketer who can only do his best working with you throughout the year and not just ahead of your next mail drop.

A Strictly Limited Clientele

Because my income depends on the success of the promotions I create, I have become extremely selective with whom I work, for a couple of reasons:

  • First and foremost, you must also believe in the partnership approach. You must see me as a business builder and not just a hired gun.

    More than anything, you must want me working on your behalf because you truly believe that I can bring you the success you desire.

  • Second, you must sell a legitimate product that helps people improve their lives in some way. I’ve spent more than 20 years building a reputation of integrity and trust. For these reasons, I won’t work with any company or products where I believe the values are in question.

  • Third, you must not only have the financial resources to reach millions of people by email and direct mail but have also a large list that I can test various approaches.

    I can’t stress this enough—it is the adaptation of science to my copywriting that has lead to my many successes If your marketing generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenues then you know all too well that your promotions are too important to leave to guesswork.

To be sure, I understand that my partnership arrangement is not for everyone.

Rather it is for those who understand that copywriting builds wealth and simply want the best wealth builders in the business working for them…

…who can see the value in establishing a year-round partnership relationship…

…and who know that in direct response copywriting, as in every aspect of your life, you get what you pay for.

If you believe that your company can benefit from the kind of partnership relationship mentioned above, just complete the form below, including the time that’s best to talk.

I promise to contact you within 48-hours to see how we can open the door to a profitable and winning relationship for 2017.

All good wishes,
Doug D'Anna

Doug D'Anna, Direct Response Copywriter
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