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Hidden Wealth Cover
Promotion Title: Tap the Hidden Wealth Inside Your Paycheck
Product: Straight Talk on Your Money
Client: Phillips Publishing
Product Manager: Richard Stanton-Jones
Designer: Don't Remember
Results: 18-month control, 10 million-plus pieces mailed

Dear A-list Copywriter,

Thanks to the magnitude of the success of my Great Retirement Betrayal, Phillips Publishing quickly signed me up for a number of projects, including a launch project for Ken and Daria Dolan’s Straight Talk on Your Money.

If you’re not familiar with Ken and Daria Dolan, they’re a husband-and-wife team who were among the top television and radio investment financial advisors of the 1990s. Their radio and TV shows were broadcast to more than 40 million Americans weekly.

When I was brought in on the project, not one issue had been produced. So this project was certainly going to test my abilities. After all, I was barely given an outline of what the newsletter was going to be about. It then became my job to help develop the product.

hidden wealth tocI’m not going to say it was easy, because it wasn’t. But over the years, I have learned that working on product launches is actually better than working on an established product.

Why? Because you can have the freedom to help create a product based on what your prospects really want—instead of having to work with what has already been developed.

This allowed me to use my success with The Retirement Letter as the foundation for building the new Dolan’s piece. That's because I knew some of the hot buttons that their prospects were interested in.

When I wrote this piece in May of 1992, Americans wanted one thing more than others: control of their lives and their money.

The tagline I used inside served as the theme for the entire piece, “You can live much better by being just a little smarter with your money.” As you’ll see inside this grand control, I identified six smart money moves that could make readers more than $10,000 richer.

hidden wealth excerptWhat I believe made this piece so successful was the fact that I was able to identify everyday money issues like taxes, insurance, and medical costs and point out huge savings that most people were missing out on.

Unlike most promotions that simply tease you, I held nothing back—revealing their specific savings in the pages of this promotion.

Why? It’s been my experience that if you give away great information in your promotion, you’ll not only reduce your readers’ sales resistance but you’ll see an exponential increase in your response.

The reason is simple: Giving away great information without asking for anything in return builds trust. Whether you’re selling in person or through the written word, nobody will buy from you unless he or she trusts you first.

Here’s what you’ll learn by adding this
promotion to your swipe file

Check MarkYou’ll learn how to apply my “free sampler” approach that not only builds trust but gives readers a sneak preview of what they can expect from paid advice.

Check MarkYou’ll understand how to pile on the benefits line by line to make whatever you’re selling more appetizing with every word.

Check MarkYou’ll see why it’s important to describe the outcome of the benefits and not just list them.

Check MarkYou’ll also read how I tap into walking-around knowledge and feelings of everyday Americans and then use that knowledge to build confidence and trust. As I learned long ago, nobody buys unless he or she believes you first. You’ll see firsthand how I do this.

Check MarkYou’ll learn how to sell between the lines. As you’ll see, I never go for the throat. You’ll see how I build on little head nods right until the end. In fact, once you master this simple technique, as you’ll see in this promotion, you' never have to rely on big claims to make big sales. You learn how a low-key approach can bring in an overwhelming response.

Check MarkYou’ll also learn how every package you write has its own internal timing when it comes transitioning to your closing copy. As you’ll see here, I don’t even mention anything about buying anything until page 8!

Check MarkYou’ll see how to take readers to the future, revealing both the current benefit and the future benefit and how you can apply this to whatever you’re selling.

Check MarkYou’ll see why I don’t introduce the testimonials until page 13. Plus how I continually blend knowledge, feelings, money, and regret in a way that not only bonds the readers to the promotion but keeps them moving directly to the order form.

Most important, you’ll see why this promotion was the control package for nearly 18 months—with more than 10 million pieces in the mail. Plus you’ll see why the themes I cover in this package are still relevant today.

If you would like get a copy of this grand control, I’m making a limited number available for my A-list members under one condition: that you do not share, copy, sell, or distribute this in any manner. It’s from my personal collection and for your personal use. By keeping it to yourself, you’ll be keeping it to your advantage.

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