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“Give me five hours and I promise to turn you into a $200,000-a-year copywriter.”

—Doug D’Anna

Five Hours is all I need!

Fellow Copywriter,

It’s no fluke that you’ve come to this page.

You came looking for me along with a few ideas to find more work, sell more clients, and break that $200,000-a-year barrier once and for all.

Meet Doug D'Anna

Doug D’Anna is supremely qualified to help you build a $200,000-a-year copywriting business.

Starting from scratch in 1984, Doug grew his copywriting business from one $500-a-month restaurant account to more than $500,000 in annual billings today.

His current and former client list reads like a who’s who of the top direct marketers in the country.

  • InvestorPlace Media
    (formerly Phillips Investment Resources)
  • Lombardi Publishing
  • Doctor’s Health Press
  • KCI Communications
  • Prevention Health Books
  • Men’s Health Magazine
  • Cabot Heritage Corporation
  • Boardroom
  • Agora
  • Consumer Reports
  • Fireman’s Fund
  • Forbes

—just to name a few.

Today, he is one of the world’s highest-paid copywriters, charging $25,000 per direct mail package, plus royalties and commissions on emails, web pages, and space advertising.

As a part of his Selling Yourself as a Copywriter program, Doug will teach you the priceless personal sales strategies that not only helped him land the world’s top direct marketing companies as clients…

…but also helped him increase his copywriting fees from $500 to $25,000.

If you are truly serious about building a copywriting business, he’s made it so easy convenient, and risk-free to learn under his wing that nothing will stand in the way of your $200,000-a-year goal.

Apply here now.

Now that you’ve found me, I want you to know that I can relate to your struggle to make it as a copywriter. At one time, I was sitting where you are right now.

You really want to make it as a copywriter. All you need is someone to give you a chance. On that note, I would like to see you make it too.

My personal, one-on-one coaching program could be just what you need to break the $200,000-a-year barrier and beyond.

So let me see if this sounds familiar…

The people to whom you’ve been pitching tell you that your copy is great. Tragically, the jobs aren’t coming as fast as you would like them to come. And you’ve been doing everything you’ve been taught to do.

After all…

  • You’ve bought all the books and taken all the courses
  • You’ve sent your perfectly worded direct mail and email pitch
  • You’ve called the marketing directors, the publishers, and other copywriters

All with no luck.

So why is it that you can do everything right, and it’s still so hard to find work?

The answer is simple: You’re missing the most important copywriting skill of all.

  • The one skill that will help you find more work
  • The one skill that will help you sell more clients
  • The one skill that will help you make more money

What, exactly, is this skill?

The ability to sell yourself as a copywriter in person, in writing, and on the phone.

Truth is, if you can’t sell yourself to the people you contact, you’ll never break the $100,000 barrier let alone get to $200,000.

You will continually send samples and get no response and struggle inside wondering if and when your business will take off.


I Was A Mediocre Copywriter When I Started Out—
Yet I Made $100,000 My First Full Year in the Business

It’s true! My samples were downright awful.

But I didn’t let my lack of experience deter me.

And when you come under my wing, I guarantee that won’t deter you, either.

What most copywriters don’t understand, which I’ll teach you, is that you’re never selling copy—you’re selling yourself!

Here's What America's Top Direct Marketers Say About Doug D'Anna

"Since Gary Bencivenga retired, Doug D'Anna has fast become our go-to-guy."

"His outside-the-box thinking and uncanny ability to connect with customers makes Doug a pleasure to work with. Time and again Doug has accepted with enthusiasm those really tough assignments that most copywriters shy away from, and delivered us breakthrough successes on several of our toughest-to-market services."

— Chris Marett Sr. Group Publisher, Phillips Investment Resources

"Writers who can consistently create powerful direct marketing campaigns are as rare as trumpeter swans. I know of only about six in the entire country. Doug D'Anna is on that short list of star writers I never hesitate to recommend.

"Quick story: one time I encountered a direct mail so excellent, I felt compelled to pen a note to the advertiser, a newsletter publisher, telling him that his copywriter, whoever he or she is, deserves a raise. Many months later, I learned the writer was Doug. I wasn't surprised. With him writing your copy, you are in good hands."

— Gary Bencivenga, Editor, Bencivenga Bullets

"Boardroom's state-of-the-art direct marketing operation—which has created some of the best selling books and newsletters ever—is built squarely on the back of only the best direct mail copywriters in the world. We only hire the best. Ours is a very, very short list ... and I'm proud to say Doug D'Anna's name has been on it since 1993."

— Brian Kurtz, executive vice president, Boardroom Inc.(Publisher of Bottom Line/Personal)

"Nobody is better at getting your customers to buy!"

"Doug helps you take advantage of the big trends in direct marketing the way a surfer catches the big waves. One of my favorite examples is the promotion he wrote for our flagship newsletter, Personal Finance, called "Boom or Bust Ahead for Technology Stocks?"

During the tech craze, his sales copy not only captured 40,000 new subscribers when our editor rated most techs ‘avoid’ but also was able to remain true to our publication's editorial mission.

I have a name for what Doug does: Zeitgeist marketing. And nobody is better than he is at relating your product to the trends, creating a compelling sales argument, and then getting your customers to buy!"

— Walter Pearce, president, KCI Communications

"Over the years, Doug and I worked on several winning direct mail packages together. He has great ideas, executes them well, and responds to feedback like the consummate team player. Most importantly, his copy produces results. On top of that, his working style not only made my job easier but also made me look good!"

— Kim Hockaday, Former Marketing Director, Financial Service Associates

"Thanks again for delivering clean, highly-targeted copy that doesn't require endless rounds of revisions. Most importantly, thanks for delivering copy that sells and turning it around on a dime."

--Jennifer Keene, FORBES Internet Marketing Manager

"We pay Doug D'Anna twice what we pay other copywriters..."

" terms of both fees and royalties because his copy consistently delivers twice the orders. I highly recommend him."

—Nannette Dorsey, direct marketing consultant

"I was fortunate to work with Doug D'Anna on a couple of hugely successful direct mail campaigns. D'Anna had a unique formula for success—from the cadence of his prose, to the talent to tease—his stringing of words keeps audiences' attention. Selling is the name of the game, and D'Anna controls have done that to the tune of millions."

—Agustin Rawat, product manager, Utility Forecaster

"In direct marketing, it's all about ROI. You either win or lose. And Doug D'Anna has consistently proven that he's a winner."

—Phil Ash, product manager, KCI Communications

"Doug, your short eletter brought in over 1,700 orders in only a few weeks. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!"

—Josh Wolfe, Wolfe Nanotech Report

"Doug D’Anna is one of the most persuasive copywriters in the country, and I’ve worked with them all."

—William Fridrich, Fridrich Design

"This is a guy who knows how to sell!"

"Since I started using Doug's persuasive writing and selling formulas three years ago, I've not only landed more business but also learned how to charge more for my design services. This is a guy who knows how to sell. Thanks for helping me grow my company!"

—Lori Haller, Shadow Oak Studio

"The magalog format is not only alive and well, but has reached the state of perfection with Doug D’Anna’s effort for The Retirement Letter."

—Denny Hatch, founder and editor, Who’s Mailing What!

"I want to make Doug D’Anna richer than his wildest dreams so that nobody will be able to tap his wonderful talent."

—Richard Stanton-Jones, vice president, Phillips Publishing

How can this be?

Because your clients always buy you first, even before you’ve written one word.

So if you’re marketing your copy—forget it. You need to market you.

Frankly, the key to my success has always been my ability to sell myself first; and my copy skills developed along the way.

I mention this not to boast, but simply to let you know that unless you learn how to sell yourself, the copywriting opportunities will never open up for you.

Let me repeat that:

If you don’t learn how to sell yourself the right way, you will never land the copywriting jobs that you desire. That’s really the whole reason I’m coaching up-and-coming copywriters on sales coaching—and not copywriting.

Truth be told, the best way to improve your copywriting skills is on a real project with a real client and never on any make believe assignment. The only way to get those assignments is to sell you first.

If you agree that learning how to land work is more important to your career than taking another copywriting course, then my one-on-one coaching program could be for you.

As you’ll see, it’s a simple, sensible, and professional way that anyone can use to create the copywriting career that they have been dreaming about.

Not overnight, mind you, but step-by-step.

That’s why I created it. To help you build your career the right way. The slow way. And not by using a “what-should-I-do-now” approach, but a time-proven systematic approach that works.

How can I be so sure? Because it’s the one I created that has taken me from $0 in 1989 to more than $500,000 in annual income today.

So if your current efforts haven’t gotten you the business you want and deserve, if you come under my wing I promise that you will not only get work, but you could one day even turn away jobs the way I do.

What You Must First Understand
Before I Can Ever Help You

Now, before I get into the specifics of how I can help you, you must first accept this undeniable truth. That you will hear “no” more often than you will ever hear “yes” in the beginning.

I would be less than honest with you if I didn’t tell you how many times I was told “no thank you,” “not interested,” “your copy is no good.” I remember one woman years ago telling me that I was not even close to being a professional.

So please don’t think it was an easy road. When I started, there was a top professional in the local DMA club who was telling others to avoid me.

However, when I hit the big time with a front-page story in Who’s Mailing What? I received a nice postcard from this gentleman that said, “Congratulations, from a doubting Thomas.”

That’s my point…

You are going to have people reject you out of hand. People who say no to you before you even get your feet wet. So you must learn not only how to sell yourself, but also how to deal with the setbacks. That’s the other thing all the copywriting courses and training boot camps never teach you that I will.

Everybody who knows me knows that I’ve been practicing judo for more than 20 years. My coach, Willy Cahill, was not only the 1984 and 1988 U.S. Olympic coach, but also the 2000 and 2004 Paralympic coach. Willy has trained more than 1,000 national medal winners!

You know what the first thing he teaches you is?

Not how to throw someone, but how to land! Why? Because everybody gets thrown. EVERYBODY! If you don’t learn how to land, then you’ll get hurt and never get back up to throw your competitor.

The same can be said for starting your copywriting career.

Should you come under my wing, that’s the very first thing I would teach you: how to deal with the continual barrage of nos that inevitably come your way. Why? Because if you don’t know how to deal with the nos first, you’ll never get to the yeses. And if you follow what I tell you, you will get to the yeses much faster than you can imagine.

What makes me say so?

Because I’m going to give you the same pitch I use, that’s why. And I will have you read and memorize it so that it comes off naturally and everyone you call will assume that you’re a total pro.

If you follow what I say, you’ll never again ask, “Did you get my samples?” You’ll never again ask, “What do you think?” Or have to worry about the dead silence on the other end of the phone. You’ll never again send them the “killer copywriter” letter. Or write how POWERFUL your copy is. And you’ll never come across as desperate either.

If you take my guiding hand, you’ll launch right into a moneymaking discussion with your prospect that will result in you winning not the job but an account that could make you tens of thousands of dollars a year.

This is the way the pros do it. This is the way I do it. This is the way you will do it.

If you spend just five hours with me, I’ll show you the four most important aspects of creating a successful copywriting business:

1. Whom to call

2. What to say

3. What to send

4. How to—and how not to—follow up

Look—there’s a ton of business out there that is simply yours for the taking. Business that you are missing out on simply because you don’t know the first two steps. Frankly, it’s the “what to say” that is the biggest killer.

Listen to me when I tell you this, I never call up a potential client to send them samples. If I did that, I’d be broke and have no clients. I call them to open a dialogue that I will turn into a beneficial relationship for both of us.

If all you do in your phone call is arrange to send samples, then you will not only run up one mighty big FedEx bill, but also find yourself in a corner when you call them. What more can you say other than “Did you get a chance to look at my samples?”

If you follow my lead, you’ll get into the meat of a highly productive sales call right from the beginning. You’ll position yourself as a professional right from the start. And most of all, you will increase your chances of getting more higher-paying jobs.

That’s a big claim, I know. But if you’ve read this far, then we both know you’re not getting the business you know that you should have. And—most important—what you are doing now isn’t working.

As I regularly remind my own children, there are two ways to the top: the hard way and the easy way. The hard way is to struggle through all the trial and error, make mistakes, get discouraged, and then try to power through that.

The easy way is to take the guiding hand of someone who’s done it. Someone who can lead you and teach you from personal experience. And that’s what I can do for you.

If you qualify, I will share with you the priceless proven selling strategies that after years of trial and error allowed me to build a multimillion-dollar copywriting business.

The Four Criteria for
Coming Under My Wing

1. You must have the desire to follow my simple plan for building your business. You must be willing to apply what I say. You must be willing to grow your business in a step-by-step methodical fashion. You must be willing to shake off the ups and downs and continue to move forward. If you can’t agree to this, then I cannot help you.

2. You must convince me through the written word that you are someone I can mold and train. You must write me a pitch letter as if I am a publisher or marketing director seeking new business. That will tell me where you are saleswise. If you write me to say, “Choose me” or “I’d really like to be the one, here’s my check,” then you have missed the point of what I am trying to do for you. I am not sure I can help you. Write your letter as if your career depended on it.

3. You must swear by my Copywriters’ Golden Rule. It may sound corny, I know. But it’s taken me more than 20 years to develop my strategies and build a solid foundation of winning relationships. If you are going to make it in this business, you must treat your customers as you expect to be treated. You must hold yourself to a higher standard. You must never use your talent to sell products that provide no value to people. As I will teach you, your name is the most valuable asset you have.

4. You must never share or resell or distribute my sales training information. I will be teaching you my proprietary trade secrets for your own personal use. You wouldn’t want to share them anyway. Because it will give you a leg up on your competitors who are still sending samples, offering to work for free, and saying the wrong things on the phone.

What I'm Offering Here Could Change Your Life

If you continue to take the group courses, you will continue to do what the others are doing. There will be nothing unique about your approach. You will be just another copywriter on the phone, sending samples and never standing out.

If you follow the simple path I will lay out for you, you will learn…

• How to position yourself as a seasoned professional. When you come under my wing you will never again pitch anybody with a KILLER SALES LETTER and POWERFUL SALES COPY or ever say things like “Hire me.” This does not work. I will teach you in the first five minutes what to say and what not to say. Trust me when I tell you this. These five minutes alone will be worth the entire cost of your internship.

     “If you can follow my simple plan, I guarantee you’ll thank me 1,000 times this time next year.”

     “If you don’t think my coaching is for you, your first 20-minute session is free.”

     “Either way, you’ll find the time
we spend together to be exactly what you need to start making $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 a month in 2017.”

• How to identify the people who will value YOU. I’ll explain why you must avoid the people who are looking for just another copywriter. If they are looking for copy at a price, then they are price shoppers. You want to work for people who value you and the special something that you bring to the table. I will show you how to farm for and groom them.

• How to get your clients to say yes. What nobody ever teaches you is what to say to prospective clients so that they will open their minds and listen to you. If you continue to say the wrong things, you will continue to be locked out of business that could easily be yours. I will teach you how to fashion a professional sales pitch that not only reflects your special personality but gets results.

• How to answer their objections. Truth is, you are going to always come up against people who are happy with their current copywriter, don’t think you can do the job, or are unwilling to pay your price. If all you can say to their objections is “OK,” then you will never get the work. When you follow my lead, you’ll learn to take their objections like a judo master and use their force to keep their minds open to giving you a try.

• The right way to use direct mail to get clients interested. If you’ve read this far and you are still sending out the “Looking for a hot copywriter” letter, you are never going to get business. I will give you a short three-to-four-paragraph letter that will increase your chances of not only getting a return phone call, but also opening them up to receive your call.

• The right way to follow up. Most copywriters simply follow up the wrong way. Believe it or not, when you return somebody’s call in two weeks, it’s like 20 minutes to them. Call a week later, and it’s as if they just hung up the phone and you called right back. I’ll show you the right pacing you need to return calls professionally. Otherwise you will turn off people who would have hired you if only you had some patience.

• How to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Look—99 out of 100 people fresh out of boot camp are going after the same people that you are. If you aren’t doing anything different, you will be perceived just as they are. There is a reason I command a writing fee of $25,000 plus royalties worth ten times that amount. You will learn this secret.

Your one-on-one training consists of these five sessions along with your own personal training manual and email follow up

Session OneSession I Getting Started
This is the most important session of all: How to get started. Here I’ll critique your current approach, evaluate your strengths and weakness, and begin to customize and personally tailor an approach that works for you.

’ll cover the five big mistakes most copywriters make and how to avoid them. I’ll share with you the complete path to my success along with the key takeaway points that you can immediately apply to your own approach.

Session TwoSession II Connecting with Clients
There’s a ton of business out there that’s ripe for the picking. In this session, we’ll identify the niches that will give you a solid advantage over your competition and develop a plan for cultivating them.

I’ll tell you about the five people in virtually every company who hire copywriters and the four proper and professional ways to contact each one. If you’ve always wondered whom to call to find business, you’re absolutely going to love this session.

Session ThreeSession III Communicating with Clients
As you’ll learn, there is a right and wrong way to communicate with prospective clients. I’ll be covering the four mistakes that will stop you cold – mistakes you need to avoid no matter what.

I’ll then share with you the magic words – the “open says-a-me” if you will – that will get your prospects listening and will sell them on you almost every time.

I’ve included the same phone scripts I used when I started out that you can use when contacting prospective clients.

Session FourSession IV Presenting Yourself Professionally
It’s an old saying that you never get a second chance at a first impression. In this section, I’ll show you how you can present yourself like a pro’s pro when it comes to presenting your work.

We’ll review the six important points to include in your cover letter and the five major samples kit faux pas to avoid. Not only that, I’ll share with you the very best ways to package and deliver your samples kit.
And, for those of you who may be panicking because you have no samples, I’ve got a foolproof solution that will make you look like a seasoned professional right from the start.

Session FiveSession V Relationship Marketing
If you are serious about staying in this business for the long term, then you must learn how to create long-lasting relationships. In this session, I’ll show you how not just to close copywriting assignments but to build a long-term relationship of confidence and trust.

I’ll share with you the easy responses for the five major objections your prospects might offer. Plus, I’ll give you my time-proven follow-up conversation openers, and how you can make them your own.


Session SixSession VI The Secret of Inevitable Success
One you complete your five sessions, your sixth one is on me! I’ll share with you my secrets for staying motivated, negotiating higher fees, and rising up the A-list. PLUS I’ll even give you an evaluation of your first copywriting assignment because you’ve earned it.

So What’s It All Going to Cost?

If you’ve read this far, then I know that you are seriously considering in your mind what it would be like to come under my wing.

You have pictured in your mind’s eye making calls, what it would feel like to get the positive responses and land the jobs that you know you are capable of completing. You have thought about what it might be like to train under a real A-level copywriter and the income that you could ultimately realize.

You are also asking yourself…

What is this going to cost?

What kind of commitment are you going to have to make to yourself?

What kind of commitment are you going to make to me?

1. Your Cost

In a way, my training course is free on two counts:

• Because what you will learn in the first hour could generate enough money to pay for a lifetime of courses. As you’ll see, just one idea will more than pay for itself over and over. Given the information that I’ve shared with you so far, which you can begin to apply right now, you can see that what I will be giving you is the Master Key to success.

• I will give you an honest critique of your sales approach. The same type of critique my clients pay me thousands of dollars for. The kind of feedback you need in order to get to the next level. The kind of feedback you could not only use to win the next job from this first client, but apply to all your work to become more successful in all your endeavors.

2. Your Commitment

• You’re going to have to commit to five hours of one-on-one telephone coaching. You are going to be given assignments to complete. You will be expected to complete each in advance of the next coaching session in the time specified and will make this commitment to me in writing.

3. My Commitment

• You will have my ear for five hours. After I review your work and give you your marching orders for the month, you will be able to ask me questions in the remaining time. Pick my brain and tell me where things are going well and where they aren’t going well. We will continue to hone your strategy for making my techniques work in your career and in your life.

• More than anything, you will receive from me the ultimate one-on-one training that’s designed for serious copywriters who want to learn the real secrets of building a multimillion-dollar copywriting business that I’ve discovered in my past 20 years.

A Tuition that You Will Feel
Is More than Fair

Look--it's cost me years of trial and error to build my business, develop contacts, and hone my skills and go from $0 in 1989 to more than $500,000 in annual income.

When you work with me to refine your sales skills, you could bypass the years of zero income and begin to make money right away. A few of my colleagues have told me that they would pay me my full $25,000 fee for learning how I do it.

But that would go against my goal of helping as many people as I can get to the level that I enjoy today. I think a fair fee would be my consulting rate of $3,500 for a package critique.

There will be no exceptions.

That way you would receive the kind of information that my clients value, and I would be paid fairly for my time.

To be sure, $3,500 is a large sum. But not when you consider that you'll be learning sales techniques that could generate $50,000, $60,000, even $75,000, your first year AND receive a critique of your first package. So in a sense your training is actually free.

So in roughly five hours, you'll learn not only my selling strategies that will win you more jobs but my copy ideas on your first package that will win you more controls. That's the most powerful "one-two" combination of success training I believe you could ask for.

There's another reason for my $3,500 tuition.

I'm only interested in working with serious people. My time is too valuable to share my techniques with those who are either looking for something for nothing or are unwilling to make the real commitment that it takes to rise to the next level. I know if you are willing to invest $3,500 in your knowledge then you are serious. You have my promise that I will do my best to make that investment pay off for you.

If you can't afford my $3,500 fee, I sincerely wish you well. But my fee is the same for everyone.

Enrollment Limited to Those
Who Sincerely Want to
Become A-List Copywriters

I'm not opening this up to the rest of the copywriting world, because I make my money writing copy and not training people. So, in this, my second coaching endeavor, I'll be taking only a handful of people under my wing in 2017.

To qualify, you must meet the four criteria for coming under my wing. Judging by the number of emails and calls I receive, you might want to sign up quickly.

Please don't send any money. I'm not going to accept just anyone and I don't want to return a ton of checks. I want to call you personally to gauge your commitment. If I feel that you're 100 % committed, then I'll give you a date to make your payment by and for your training to begin.

A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If there is one thing that I want you to know, it is that if you sign up for my coaching, I sincerely want you to succeed. I want you to believe from the beginning that my training is going to work for YOU and that I'm committed to seeing you succeed.

That's why if after the first 20 minutes you don't believe that my first business-building idea I share with you will pay for itself--and believe that I have your best interest in mind--I will send you a complete 100% refund.

Look—this is the second time I’ve coached people and I don't know if I will do this beyond 2017. What I do know is this: My selling techniques have made me one of the top copywriters in the country. I know that if you apply my techniques, they will work for you.

In today’s message, I've shared with you my three rules for picking clients. And I've explained how you can get the edge on your competition and build a financially successful copywriting business. Please consider this a sneak preview of the kind of one-on-on training that I will bring you.

The next step is yours.

...If you would like learn how you can join the ranks of A-list copywriters and work with the top marketers around the world...

...if you would like learn how you can win more jobs and win more controls and see your income take off...

...And if you want to learn the real secrets of building a multi-million dollar copywriting business from someone who has actually done it...

...Then what I am offering you is a golden opportunity to for you to rise to the next level.

And I promise that you and I, working together, will make your success happen.

Once you start applying my strategies to your life, you will never sell yourself any other way. You will get the jobs you want at the fees you know you deserve. I promise the way you do business will be changed for the better, forever.

The best part is, it won't cost you a dime to send for your application and see how I can help you build the career you want. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

All good wishes,

Doug D'Anna

Doug D'Anna, Direct Response Copywriter
Phone: (650) 274-7326 Fax: (650) 401-7327
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