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Here you’ll find nearly every past control package, test piece, and model sales letter that I have ever written for Agora, Boardroom, Phillips Investment Resources, KCI Communications, Lombardi Publishing, The Cabot Market Letter and many other A-level clients.

As a member of my A-list, you can add them to your personal swipe file. All I ask is that you do not copy, sell, or distribute this in any manner. It’s from my personal collection and for your personal use. By keeping them to yourself, you’ll be keeping it to your advantage.

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The Great Retirement Betrayal

The Great Retirement Betrayal

I would never have had such a fine career if it weren’t for this one promotion. In one fell swoop, this promotion elevated me from the ranks of the also-ran right to into the battle royal against legends such as Gary Bencivenga, Eugene Schwartz, Jim Rutz, Jim Punkre, and Clayton Makepeace, to name just a few.

When “The Great Retirement Betrayal” was finally beaten after three years by the late Gene Schwartz, Phillips had not only mailed over 25 million pieces but also made millions of dollars.

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Straight Talk with the Dolans

Straight Talk with the Dolans

As a result of my mega-grand slam with The Great Retirement Betrayal, I was given the unheard of opportunity for a new writer to help launch a new product.

I’m proud to say that my package was another huge success and millions were mailed as the control.

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Smart Money with Ken Gerbino

Smart Money

Once you establish a track record, more and more opportunities will come your way. This was my third project in a row with Phillips and another solid winner.

And while it wasn’t mailed as widely as The Great Retirement Betrayal and Straight Talk with the Dolans, it taught me the key to writing a monster control comes down to identifying a winning theme.

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These copywriting samples are the property of Doug D’Anna and are protected by copyright and other restrictions. They are being made available to you on the express understanding that you agree that these materials:(1) remain the sole and exclusive property of Doug D’Anna, who retains all rights to the materials;(2)are solely for your use and may not be made available to anyone else;(3)may not be copied in whole or in part; and (4)may not be resold or otherwise distributed by you, whether or not you receive any benefit from their sale or distribution.

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